The Y on Earth Foundation is cracking the culture code to create a regenerative and sustainable future grounded in environmental stewardship, economic vitality, social equity, personal empowerment and authentic dignity.


By delivering simple and accessible life-hack invitations, custom-curated experiences, culture-cracking content, and easy calls-to-action, the Y on Earth Foundation is a comprehensive resource for individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities. We develop and deliver excursion experiences, hands-on workshops, interactive story-telling and a comprehensive media platform to cultivate leaders in the global movement for sacred sustainability.

Support the Y On Earth Foundation as we bring SACRED SUSTAINABILITY life-hacking and culture cracking content to schools, neighborhoods and faith communities. Thank you for your generous contribution!

Your support of the Y on Earth Foundation, a project of Regenerative Earth, 501(c)3, is tax deductible. Click here to donate online, or, mail your check to: Y on Earth Foundation, PO Box 2333, Boulder CO 80306